"Secrets of Universe"

Teaching spiritual practices of contact with the subtle world!
Get to know the universe within yourself!
Based on quantum physics, medicine and experience!

Method "Quantum eye"

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What do we offer!

Our dear friends!
We offer training to contact with a thin plan, astral.
Without hypnosis, through meditation, trance states, sensory deprivation and school know-how - without anything.

For the first time in world practice:
- The basis of the training program is to receive information without hypnosis and trance
based on medicine, science and quantum physics.
The way our ancestors did it, clairvoyants, healers, witches into shamans
Wolf Messing, Baba Vanga, Nicholas Roerich and the like.
Everyone has these abilities from birth, it remains only to pump them up,
train, return, restore long lost.
- Techniques and training for information reliability control.

The training includes theory and practice, after training you will have the knowledge of contactees - sleepers, hypnologist.
The structure includes its own experience, as well as the experience of different schools of the world, spiritual teachings, centuries-old spiritual practice of peoples.
We will also reveal to you some of the secrets of the special services sleepers.

During your training, you will get some ideas about the universe, the structure of the essence of man, types of energy, how to use it, the meaning of negative programs.
And how to remove these programs, blocks and prevent their appearance in the future. Learn different techniques for immersing a contact in a trance, running a session, working safely in a subtle plan.

We will activate and unwind your mind and third eye,
as far as possible.
Learn how to get information without hypnosis, trance, or immersion,
for those who are not "hypnal."

You will need ~ 6 days of your time and desire.
Follow us with you, consult and share your experience.
A warm welcome awaits you, polite training staff, your brothers.
We'll answer many of your questions.

Today we have:
- several contactee were trained individually. (Advanced Courses)
about a hundred people passed in general order. (Basic Courses)
- Multiple federal security personnel.
We are confident that you too will be satisfied.

Listen please...
We don't solve your personal and family problems!
We do not guarantee you a hundred percent immersion in hypnosis.
We do not deceive you with vain promises.
It all depends on your spiritual development and perseverance in training.
We have the right to deny you training.
We are not a sect, you will learn here on a scientific approach.
Waiting for like-minded people!

Approximate lesson schedule.
Day 1: Acquaintance, Communication.
Day 2: Meditation 1 hour, learning theory 7 hours.
Day 3: Meditation 1 hour, learning theory 7 hours.
4th day: Meditation 1 hour, training practice 7 hours.
5th day: Meditation 1 hour, training practice 7 hours.
6th day: Communication, feedback.
From the learning experience, everyone is usually so interested that they learn 12 hours per day.

When you complete your training, you will certificate about graduating from the school of the contact "Secrets of the Universe."
This diploma is awarded to the student of the school of the contact and confirms,
that he received a course of basic knowledge, methods of communication with the thin world.
School team contact "Secrets of the Universe."

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About the program


Quantum world. < br > Understanding ether, ethereal bodies, chakra. < br > Frequencies, Hertz, and connection to the thin world. < br > The concept of the third eye, its components. < br > Adding together the puzzle of the universe.


Know how of the school.
Own method of developing consciousness, based on neurophysiological brain training.
Intuition, lucid dreams and other approaches.
World technologies.


Meditation, preparation of the mind.
Workouts, exercises, maximum for pumping the brain.
Tests of actual results and abilities.
Training methods on the go.


Ineffective but highly popularized techniques, hypnosis, trance, etc.
Immersion, "reading" text and audio materials, student accompaniment.
Questions and answers.
Hugs and goodbyes.

Customer reviews

"In the some last days I have been in a state of serenity and balance,
after studying
Life has become tastier!

Now an atmosphere of kindness, love and acceptance reigns in my life!
Thanks to the school "Secrets of the Universe"

What could have irritated you before, caused irritation, discontent,
right now it doesn't seem to concern me.
Studying at the Mystery of the Universe school changes life for the better!

I studied esotericism in 19 schools, this one is the 20th,
The volume and usefulness of information, its acceptance, simply delight, no schools of magic can compare with rituals! "

Despite the fact that this is a real customer review, you still won't believe it)
Live reviews look much more convincing than such writing.
for example on Youtube, which we suggest you to view further ...

And so, let's get started!

It's time to join the knowledge of the Universe!

Select the type of training
Unique techniques that do not exist in world practice, the property of the school :
- Training the development of the third eye, obtaining information;
- Training and control of the reliability of the information received;
- Training the development of the brain regions responsible for the perception of information;
- Support after training.
- Free consultation.
- Access to world literature.
- Everything is clear and honest, without esotericism, quackery, only science;
- Getting rid of unnecessary hypnotic practices;
- No tambourines, fires, dances, chicken feet and ephemeral blocks;
- A lot of scientific theory about understanding channeling and not only;
- History of clairvoyance, methodology, world practices;
- Nice bonus of training, intuition is strengthened many times over;
- Sharing experiences and much more.

Group size from 5 to 15 people, 5 days.
The cost for not resident is $1,999 prepayment is 10%
This price includes tuition, accommodation and meals.
Meals and accommodation included.
Moscow or Moscow region.

Классический ченнелинг, мировые методики.
Коротко о главном, всё самое важное и ценное в ченнелинге.
Каждый платит за обучение, столько, сколько может!
Деление опытом и многое другое.

Размер группы от 3 до 6 человек, 1 день, 4~8 часов.
Стоимость обучения Ваша совесть (30 000) рублей.
Подробности после подтверждения заказа.

We discuss and choose all training topics together.
Sharing experience and much more.

Group size 1-2 person (s).
Tuition fees Discussed ( $2,999 ) for person.
Details after order confirmation.